According to LBCI, former MP Gebran Tawk is bulldozing next to Bcharre's famed Cedar Reserves to build an outdoor venue for his son's wedding. The area, referred to as the "Cedars of God" is on UNESCO's world heritage list.

While LBC's report claims that construction is banned within 250 square meters of the cedars, Tawk told the TV station that the work has been approved by the municipality.

Workers are reportedly on site day and night in an effort to ensure William Tawk's wedding, scheduled to happen at the end of August with some 3,000 people in attendance - and over the course of three days, is as memorable as his dad's wealth and power.

And in other news: nothing is sacred anymore. Nothing.

The Ministry of Culture has ordered all work to stop on the wedding venue, according to NOW Media. It's unclear if the order has yet to be implemented, according to the news site.

Former MP Bulldozes Next to Cedar Reserves to Build Wedding Venue for Son

Photo via L'orient Le Jour


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