The annual MAD food festival takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark on August 25 and this year, 20 cooks from Souk el Tayeb's Tawlet restaurant are joining the madness.

The festival aims to bring together chefs, cooks and farmers to share their best traditional dishes.

Some of the items on Tawlet's MAD menu include: Manaiish zaatar, Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Moutabal, Vospov Kefte (Armenian lentil kebbeh), Samkeh Harra, and frikeh.

“Make Food , Not War” has been Souk el Tayeb's slogan since the project launched in 2004. With that in mind, we hope those 20 Lebanese chefs show the Danish how we make the hell out of food, because I think they already know how we make wars.

Tawlet is Shipping 20 Lebanese Chefs Off to Denmark

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