Lebanese telecommunication engineer Firas Wazneh has developed an idea for an application that would use sound triangulation to pinpoint the exact location a weapon was used in an effort to warn people of impending violence in the country, Vocativ.com reports.

The phone app is called “Way to Safety.”

While the engineer is still looking for funding to make this app a reality, he says that eventually, it will be free for residents of “hot zones,” and hopes that security services, medical personnel and the media will also use it.

Of course, keep in mind there are all sorts of gunshots going off at various times in the country.

Exhibit A : to welcome a new born baby
Exhibit B: to celebrate high school graduation
Exhibit C: whenever a political/sectarian leader shows up on TV. etc...

That's why Wazneh also hopes the app will be able to identify the type of weapon used.



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