The Lebanese love their parties, a point proven all too well Friday by the magnitude of emotional responses to news that Creamfields, which was set to happen on Saturday at the Beirut Waterfront, is now cancelled. This follows a string of event cancellations this summer. It also comes on the heels of an announcement Friday that the US Embassy is evacuating all non-emergency personnel from its compound in Awkar and advising private American citizens to leave the country.

WHY?! CREAMFIELDS. WHY?! [My life is over.]
Here's a look at the most overblown responses we could find on the Internet:

1. Gino's Blog, titled: 5 Fuck Yous After Creamfields Beirut Was Canceled.

2. Social media screams of self-hatred.

3. This chick, who took her anger all the way to Washington.

4. Profanity.

5. And Hitler.

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We did not :) It's been removed thanks xx

Angie Nassar on Sep 6, 2013 via web
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Ummm... You do realize that my tweet was making fun of people protesting and not actually calling for protest right? lol

Christian Asmar on Sep 6, 2013 via web