The wife of Hussein Tawfiq Fadel, a Hay al-Sellom man who was reported missing on July 30, has confessed to cutting his body up into eight pieces and throwing the remains into the Al Ghadeer river with the help of her two teenage sons, according to a report that aired on Al-Jadeed TV Sunday.

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The woman - who has not been identified - told police that she and her sons, aged 17 and 18, were also helped by an accomplice, identified as 18-year-old Mohammad Awada.

The woman claims she killed her husband because he physically abused her for several years. The victim's family, in turn, claims Fadel's wife was having an affair with Awada and wanted her husband dead after he discovered her marital infidelity.

Investigators say saws, knives and a hammer were used to kill and cut up the victim. His body parts were reportedly placed in separate bags before being thrown in the river.

Al-Jadeed interviewed Fadel's daughter, Nour, who was not implicated in her father's murder. She told the television station that her father never abused the family, and that he had "given us everything we wanted."


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