It's heartbreaking to realize how connected we are as humans in the collective face of tragedy.

Below, images from Lebanon's civil war which lasted from 1975 to 1990 are set against photographs from the ongoing Syrian war that erupted in March of 2011. The Syrian crisis has so far taken the lives of 110,000 victims. Lebanon's civil war left an estimated 150,0000 people dead.

This is not about the 'whys' or 'hows,' it's simply about reflecting on the horrific realities - and similarities - observable in war.

Lebanon, 1976 (Photo via

Syria, 2012. (Photo via

Lebanon,1986. (Photo by AFP/Khalil Dehaini via Wordpress)

Syria, 2012. (Photo: AFP/ Bulent Kilic via

Lebanon, year unknown. (Photo via Wordpress)

Syria, December 2012. (Photo via Vocativ)

Lebanon, January 1979. Fedayeen from Fateh at a rally in Beirut, Lebanon
(Photo via Wikimedia)

Syria, April 2013. Fighters in the Kurdish militia known as the Popular Protection Units line up in formation in front of supporters in Ras Al Ayn. (Photo via NBC news)

Lebanon,1984. (Photo: Joseph Hokayem via Wordpress)

Syria, 2012. (Photo by Reuters via The New York Times)

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