In case you missed it, we're taking a look at five noteworthy news topics that went down in Lebanon this past week.

1. LAU Suspended Students for Protesting Tuition Hikes

(Photo via NOW Media)

Four LAU students, including the president of the student council, were suspended on Monday for organizing a protest against a yearly hike in tuition fees at the university.

2. Lebanese Priest Convicted of Child Molestation

(Photo via The Daily Star).

Father Mansour Labaki, a 73-year-old Maronite priest, was convicted of sexually abusing three minors and sentenced to a "life of penitence,” French magazine La Croix reported. Labaki has been banned from exercising his ecclesiastical duties and speaking to media about the case.

3. Tripoli Teacher Ordered Students to Beat Up Classmate

(Photo via Naharnet)

A teacher at a public school in the northern city of Tripoli asked a class of students to beat up another student, Elie Khoury, in order to discipline him. The student was “slapped on the neck" a number of times. The teacher, identified only as Madame Eugenie, was fired by the Education Ministry, according to LBC news.

4. Rami Ollaik's October 10 Revolution Failed

(Photo via NOW Media)

The secular Shia activist Rami Ollaik called for a demonstration at Martyrs' Square, dubbing it the October 10 Revolution, to protest the sectarian system and Hezbollah in Lebanon. According to photographs taken by NOW Media, fewer than 50 people turned up for the event.

5. Wadih El Safi Died at 92

(Photo via Al Arabiya)

Wadih el-Safi, a classical Lebanese singer and actor passed away at the age of 92. The exact cause of his death has not been released, but in September 2012 his health reportedly deteriorated following leg surgery. His funeral will be held Monday afternoon at St. George's Cathedral in downtown Beirut.

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