Use it to solve a problem, or just be more awesome in life. Either way, you can tell a lot about a person based on the kinds of ingenious shortcuts they come up with.

Here are 12 Lebanese life hacks: some brilliant, some bizarre, some ill-advised…

1. Jarguileh

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If you ever find yourself short on a water jar for your arguileh, why not use a literal jar of water? This one appears to be a former Nescafe container.

2. Blowtorch Stove

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There’s no time to waste on hot beverages in the fast-paced world of car repair. That’s why this trick comes in mighty handy.

3. Arguileh Hose Sink

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Disaster! The kitchen sink is busted and repairing it will cost a fortune. Solution: arguileh hose. Don’t forget the scotch tape!

4. Plier Faucet

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The quick-fix for the impatient plumber! Although by the looks of it, it doesn't seem like a whole lot of sanitary activity has been going down since that was installed, so it may not be one to try at home.

5. Water-conserving Alternative Flushing System

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Now this right here, this is the pinnacle of innovation. What do we all do after using the toilet? Flush it then wash our hands! Why waste water on both when you can simply use the excess water streaming down the drain while you wash to flush down whatever you just deposited in the toilet? Not enough water pressure? What do you mean not enough water pressure? Sigh, back to the drawing board…

6. Eco-friendly Mosquito Murder Mechanism

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Ever wanted to kill every one of those pesky mosquitos while showing your respect for mother nature in the process? Here’s how: get yourself a bowl of water, a candle (preferably in a plastic cup), some aluminum foil, a rock, and a Vape mosquito tablet. The tablet functions when heated, usually by a specially designed electrodiffuser, but those use up electricity and the environment has suffered enough already!

Simply place the candle and rock in the bowl, prepare a sheet of aluminum foil into the shape depicted above, wedge it between the candle and rock, then sit back and watch the 100% eco-friendly mosquito massacre.

7. Do-It-Yourself Ceiling Fan

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Here’s some advanced life hacking for you. To make your very own ceiling fan, just get one of those regular fans, flip it upside down, attach it to the ceiling, and boom! Cool breezes all summer long! What? You say regardless of the fan’s orientation, the fan itself would still be relatively in the same position and cool the same area? Nah…

8. Sink-Trash Can Combo

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Apparently this contraption is (or was?) in a pub in Hamra, so it may be more of an engineering muscle-flex than a sign of financial desperation. This sink was assembled from what appears to be a steel drum, metallic funnel, and a showerhead. It also doubles as a trash can!

9. Car Mirror Replacement

(Photo via Cheyef 7alak)

Great, a broken car mirror! Who knows how much getting that replaced will cost you. I’ll tell you what that’ll cost you: your little sister’s trust. Just borrow that mirror she keeps in her room near the Barbies; problem solved.

10. Plastic Nozzle Arguileh Hose

(Photo via Facebook)

After using an arguileh hose to fix your kitchen sink, you realize you’re one hose short. An inexpensive alternative would be to attach a bunch of those little plastic nozzles that go at the end of an arguileh hose, and use that straw-like creation as a substitute. Bonus points if you also use cake tongs to place the coal.

11. Helmet Baby Seat

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Babies! As soon as they’re born, you’re spending on them: food, clothing, medicine. Don’t fall for that whole basic requirements of parenting scam though, we’ve got your back. Just pop the little rascal into a motorcycle helmet: it’s comfy on the inside, and protective on the outside.

12. Makeshift Motorized Bicycle

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Don’t you just hate it when you have half a motorcycle laying around, and half a bicycle you just can’t seem to get rid of? Wait a minute, that’s it!

BONUS HACK: ExhaustoBot!

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Suck on that Japan!

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