Holidays. We've all been there. If you need to get away but can’t actually leave the country, or your own neighborhood for that matter, consider trying out one of these activities.

1. Go Olive Picking With Vamos Todos

As far as I'm concerned, olives are like water - you need them to live. If you love olives as much as I do, then you should really consider joining Vamos Todos for a day of olive picking in Chabtine.

2. Attend the Adha Festival at Beirut Souks with Your Kids

This festival has family fun written all over it. Head to Beirut Souks in the center of the capital for a day we're sure your kids will thank you for. [They might not say it out loud, but they're thinking it.]

3. Explore a New Neighborhood or Go for a Heritage Walk

(Photo Instagrammed by @miaverdoorn)

Sometimes keeping it small-scale is the best way to go. This is one of those times. There's so much beauty and history to appreciate, so why not go for a walk through Beirut or one of your favorite neighborhoods?

4. Rent a Bike

There's really nothing more terrifying, or exciting than taking a bike ride through Beirut. Yyour best bet is to head to the Corniche to avoid traffic and have a shot at keeping your precious life intact. For bike rentals, check out Beirut By Bike, Cyclo Sport and Bike Generation.

5. Go on a Mushroom Hunt and Hike in Bikfaya

Prepare to feast your way through the Mushroom Kingdom. [It's a me, Mari-ohhhhhhh] That's the way I imagine it, anyway. Let Dale Corazon guide you through a mushroom hunt where you'll be able to taste 'shrooms straight from the ground.

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