Sure it's like a national pastime to complain about how much Lebanon sucks, but you know what? It's not all political incompetence and a poor quality of life. Haters to the left please, it's time to be thankful for the little things.

1. It's Socially Acceptable to Do Nothing

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In Lebanon, taking a few minutes - nay, entire days on end to do nothing - doesn't make you lazy, it makes you awesome. Almost every neighborhood corner has them: an overwhelming number of people men in this country with absolutely nothing better to do than sit around aimlessly for hours. And it's totally ok; in fact, it's expected. I get nervous if I don't see people on the streets doing nothing. Some of them just stare at whatever street action comes their way, others smoke nargileh, others sit around and talk with other equally idle and inactive individuals. Some do all of the above.

Point is: if you see clusters of people doing nothing, you're definitely in Lebanon. And it's definitely socially acceptable.

2.Breaking the Rules is Kind of the Norm

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Movie piracy? Everyone does it.

Turning on your four-way flashers like it's a legally-sanctioned method for temporarily parking anywhere your heart desires - even if it happens to be smack dab in the middle of a busy six-lane intersection? Totally fine.

People don't just drive with reckless abandon in Lebanon, they live that way. Rules can (and will) be broken, and there's something extremely exhilarating about that.

3. Holidays: We Have a Lot of Them

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Martyrs' Day, All Saints' Day, The Prophet Mohammad's Birthday, Easter Sunday, Lebanese Army Day, Ashoura, Christmas, Independence Day... yayyyy for religious and political diversity! I feel like I'm on vacation most of the year because every one of the 18 different sects in this country has something to celebrate and we acknowledge almost all of them. When does it end? I'm not working today. I don't even have to answer that.

4. You Can Get Everything Delivered

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I once stayed inside my apartment for eight days straight. I live alone. And no, I don't regularly stock up on major supplies as if another July 2006 War is about to break out.

One word for you: delivery.

In Lebanon, anything in your wildest dreams can be delivered: groceries, nargileh, McDonald's, medicine, gas, toilet paper, cigarettes. If there's a guy on a scooter somewhere nearby, you can get whatever you want delivered straight to your door. It's really one of the most beautiful things about this country.

5. In General, Everyone is Super Friendly and Helpful

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When in Lebanon, any stranger or mere bystander will always be more than willing to give you directions to wherever you need to go -- even if they have no idea where they're sending you.

Additionally, those directions will often involve going straight, then taking a right after Abou Ahmad's shop, then left at the market then right again, then straight, then left again. Just memorize this pattern.

But let's not stop there. The truly generous Lebanese service driver or delivery guy on a scooter will do you one better and tell you to follow him so he can escort you to the exact location you asked him about.

Yup, Lebanese are just THAT nice.

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This brought a tear to my eye. You cannot believe how nostalgic that felt. I have been living in KSA for around 3 years and its been almost 6 months since I last came to visit. I would almost be able to smell the streets, especially hamra with everyone lending a hand whether you ask for it or not... and they would even feel offended if you refused. Such is Lebanon.

Ghaith Gus Semaan on Oct 19, 2013 via web