Born in Tripoli, Lebanon, El Rass started writing poetry in Aarabic when he was 11, and started rhyming in the spoken Lebanese dialect in 1999, when he was 15. At that time he formed along with three MC's a group called "Mlouk el Mic" (kings of the mic) and they recorded an album that was shared for free, and they also did some concerts in their hometown.

After finishing his studies and working for almost two years in France, El Rass returned to Lebanon and spent a year re-discovering Beirut and making/learning music. After that year he got a job as a journalist at As-Safir newspaper where he still works.

El-Rass is currently working on his album with one of the best music producers and beatmakers in town, Jawad Nawfal, aka Munma, and with Dubsnckr from San Fransisco/Syria on a compilation album with other Arab artists.

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