N.B This post was originally published in October 2013.

Watching me work out is like watching a one legged beetle run through a pile of strawberry-flavored jello. It's not a pretty sight. But what's worse is not hitting the gym for six months and then waking up one day only to realize you've naturally insulated yourself inside 20 additional layers of body fat. We've all been there, amiright? Here are the ten stages most people face when trying to get back in shape; alternatively titled, to hell and back again.

Stage One: Facing Reality

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Let's face it, you've let yourself go.

Stage Two: Revved Up to Go to the Gym

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Fear not, you are ready to conquer this fat like it's your job.

Stage Three: Riding the Workout Wave

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You're pumped. You look at images like this and think, "Yeah, in a few weeks I'll be doing that."

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Work it, girrrrrrl.

Stage Four: But After a Few More Workouts...

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Things are getting difficult and you realize those dreams of bodily perfection are much further away than you imagined.

Stage Five: You Begin Experiencing Hunger-Induced Mood Swings

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Hungry. Angry. Hungry. Angry. Hungry. Angry. Hungry. Angry. Hungry. Angry.

Stage Six: You Feel Tired and Sore Every Morning

It's not supposed to be easy, but it also doesn't have to be this hard.

Stage Seven: In a Moment of Weakness, You Succumb to Temptation

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And Again

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And again.

Stage Eight: Self Sabotage

A sudden injury means you can't work out as much, or as vigorously, as you did when you first started.

Stage Nine: An Inescapable Feeling of Apathy

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Doing nothing feels better than it has ever felt before.

Stage Ten: And You Willfully Accept Defeat

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Haven’t worked out in three weeks and am totally ok with it. We'll meet again, gym. We shall meet again.


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Ooh a Parks and Rec fan :D

Imad Al-Fil on Oct 31, 2013 via web
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Thanks, Pascale. This one was from me :)

Angie Nassar on Oct 24, 2013 via web
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hahhhaah! who's the author? love the articles!

Pascale Mss on Oct 24, 2013 via web