On Wednesday, Syrian-Filipino rapper Nasser Shorbaji, better known to the Lebanese underground music crowd as Chyno, released a music video for the single O.P.P. off his upcoming debut album Making Music to Feel At Home. It’s … explosive.

The song sees Chyno rapping from the perspective of a suicide bomber, a man pushed to his very limits, contemplating whether it really is all worth dying for.

The video takes that internal conflict and sets it in an office environment, a place of similar pressures and frustrations to a political one. This particular office is populated by some of the rapper’s real-life friends, including band mates from his band, Arabic funk-rap crew Fareeq el Atrash, and other familiar faces. It all climaxes with Chyno unleashing his handmade newspaper bombs, much to the horror of his coworkers.

The video was directed by Pedros Temizian, who has been catering to Lebanese alternative artists for years now, documenting the progress and evolution of the local scene through the medium of music videos.

Keep an ear out for Chyno’s debut album Making Music to Feel At Home, due for release in early 2014.

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