While some of the deluded men who use these pick-up lines may think they're being smooth and suave, most of these lines are simply sexist, insulting and offensive.

Nothing like verbal sexual assault (tolteesh) to really turn a girl off. So guys, you've been warned: use one of these 11 cringeworthy pick-up lines, and you will surely remain forever alone.

1. Helo Jismik Chu Ismik?

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You have a beautiful body, what's your name?

2. A'tini Bawsi Men Chiftik Barke Bokra Ma Chiftik

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Give me a kiss now, I might not see you tomorrow.

(How about no?)

3. Chu Hal Kanze ya A'anze!

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What a t-shirt, you goat!

(The use of the word goat is apparently used to reference a girl's sweater, but in English it sounds more like an insult than a pick-up line.)

4. Chu Hal Jasad ya Assad

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What a body, you lion.

(Another animal-friendly pick-up line because, you know, Lebanon's a zoo up in here.)

5. Chu Hal Ta'je ya Na'aje

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What a curve, you sheep.

(I give up.)

6. Chu Hal Ja'ra ya Ba'ra

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What a stare, you cow.

(I just threw up in my mouth a little.)

7. Ya Helo fi Mennak a' Jello?

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Hey sweetie, do you come as a jello flavor too?

8. Dakhilo ma Ansah'o

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Oh sweetie, you're fat.

9. Hobbak Nar w Albi Toffeye

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Your heart is made of fire and I'm your extinguisher.

10. Chu Beha el Achta Serh'a bi Nos el Tari'?

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What's with the Achta (cream) melting in the street?

11. Akid Immik Nah'le

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Your mom must be a bee.

(Insinuating that she makes "honey," which is you. Har har har.)

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