With a pirate theme set in the 18th century, Malgo is a resto/bar and the latest addition to Mindset Holding's portfolio. It is part of Publicity, a project built on a hilltop against the backdrop of Byblos’ sea view.

The concept is based on the idea that clubbers should be able to enjoy a free atmosphere with a sea of possibilities . By definition, Malgo is a fictional pirate who plunders at sea. Although Malgo was unconventional and answered to no man, he was famed for his gatherings of people. The circular shape of the helm on Malgo's logo pays homage to the idea of 'circles of friends and the enjoyment of a good time over some Grog and Grub.'

Malgo resto/bar offers delicious fresh seafood from the Byblos market and healthy international cuisine made to order.

There's a lounge for those looking to chill, a rooftop Jacuzzi and surrounding area that can also be reserved for parties or a private BBQ with a chef catering to just you and your friends, and a bar area anchored to quench your thirst for daytime as well as sunset and night time beverages. The beverage menu is designed by beverage consultant and author of the bartender guide, "Orchid - The Cocktail Book," Khaled Mjawaz.


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    Publicity - Jbeil Highway Jbeil Mob.: +96171413147


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Open Beer and Wings at Malgo Market & Sale (Food)


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