Believe it or not, picking just five videos was actually a challenge given the plethora of bizarre material out there. And fair warning: the time wasted here is time you will never be able to get back. View at your own risk.

1. La Tel'ab Belnar Bte'hro' Sabi'ak by Ragheb Alama

The studio decor speaks for itself. On top of the neon walls and overbearingly bright lights, Alama doesn't dance the entire video. He just stands still and every so often his silhouette can be seen clapping.

In a different video, this one titled, "Ragheb Alama Happy Butterfly Dance," the singer can actually be seen moving from side to side in a motion that might somewhat resemble dancing.

2. Ya Dello Della by Rabih El Khawli

This next video is like a lesson in the excessive use of a green screen. Rabih El Khawli hangs in the skies dancing with his lover. If you can manage to watch this video all the way to the end, you'll be treated to a woman being swallowed by an extremely fake CGI of a bed of yellow roses.

3. Assi El Hellani

Back in his hay day, Hellani was known for producing short film-length music videos that could go on for as long as 10 minutes. In this narrative, he plays the Arabian knight saving a lost Bedouin from the bad guys.

Look out for Haifa Wehbe, a model at the time, who makes an appearance in this video.

4. Bandahlak by Mayez El Bayya'

I have to hand it to the director of his video because it's legitimately terrifying. It begins in the woods, with someone's heartbeat pounding loudly and just when you think a murderous killer is going to wreak havoc across the forest, the music begins to play and you figure out its a love song.

5. Dawwar ya Zaman by Issa Ghandour

This video is from 1996. Do me a favor and fast forward to the animated bit where the singer becomes a two-dimensional character wearing a flannel shirt and showing off his horribly hairy armpits.

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