According to Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper, a Saudi woman, identified as Abir, was trapped inside a rented room outside of Mecca by her husband for more than a year. The husband hired a guard to ensure she and her four daughters, who Abir says were repeatedly beaten by her husband, wouldn't escape.

Abir says he also resorted to cementing the opening of the room shut, leaving only a small window through which the guard could give the women food and water.

(A photo taken by Abir and given to Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper shows the cemented door she was kept behind with her four daughters)

A neighbor suspected something suspicious was going on when she never saw the woman or her children leave or enter the house. She sent her driver to investigate, and he discovered that the women were being kept prisoners. The neighbor attempted to rescue them by bribing the guard with money, but he was too afraid to accept. He did, however, give Abir a cellphone.

Abir called Saudi authorities and they told her they could not get her out of the house, but said if she managed to escape and reach them, they could then help her.

After setting up a plan with a social worker, the woman escaped through the window with her daughters and met with police who were waiting for her at a checkpoint. Much to her surprise, Abir's husband was also at the checkpoint. He had been contacted by the social worker. The family was taken to the police station where the husband was allowed to beat Abir before being arrested.

Abir says she plans to sue her husband for imprisoning her and her children in their home.

Saudi Man Cemented Door, Trapped Wife and Daughters in Room For Over a Year

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