Two Lebanese engineers have developed a handy device that aims to aid guitarists with an infamously tedious task they face time and time again: tuning their instrument. And they’ve turned to online crowdunding to make this utility a reality.

Roadie Tuner works in tandem with a smartphone app, enabling guitarists to quickly and easily tune a guitar with absolute precision by simply placing their phone in front of the guitar, selecting the tuning of choice from the app’s built-in options (or even a custom one), popping the device onto a string peg, strumming the corresponding string, and voila, Roadie Tuner will automatically rotate the peg, ensuring pitch-perfect tuning. In addition, the device also monitors the condition of the strings, informing users if they’re due for replacement soon, and when it does come time to replace them, Roadie Tuner will assist in the tiresome unwinding and winding process.

Software engineer Hassane Slaibi and hardware guru Bassam Jalgha are the brains behind Roadie Tuner, musicians themselves, Slaibi playing the flute and Jalgha the oud and guitar. In 2009 Jalgha participated in Season 1 of the Qatar Foundation-sponsored television program Stars of Science, which aims to showcase young Arab innovators and funds the winner with a cash prize. Jalgha entered with a predecessor of Roadie Tuner called Dozan, a device developed to tune the oud. He would go on to win first prize, allowing him to further develop his concept, resulting in Roadie Tuner.

Whether you’re a guitarist or not, make sure to show your support for the boys by donating to their Kickstarter campaign and follow up on Roadie Tuner's latest developments on Facebook.

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