Byblos Bank is running a new ad for its reforestation project, and it's fantastic. Not only does the Bank's eco-friendly message reach the viewer in a brilliant, sarcastic manner, it's also gorgeously produced. Credit goes to director Jad Aouad, art director Issa Kandil and director of photography Fady Kassem.

The video begins with a shot of actor Antoine Kerbage on a television. The frame widens to show a Chinese family making the famous Lebanese traditional dish of Kebbe. A similar scenario repeats itself with a Russian woman (Im Yuri) selling Man'oucheh with Zaatar (thyme) and Kechk (dry yogurt), and again in Africa where a group of tribal men are seen dancing Dabke. The final scene reaches a German museum guide who is talking about the Cedar tree.

Then Byblos Bank's message appears: "We are proud to export our identity on the condition of not losing it. Today the cedars cover only 0.0002 percent of Lebanese territory. Our cedar is our identity. We can't afford to lose it."

A wonderful ad, and even better cause. To find out how you can help reforestation efforts in Lebanon, click on this link.


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