For some, Lebanese celebrities are considered the epitome of fashion-forward thinking and sheer beauty. But just because Maya Diab can pull it off (sort of), doesn't mean the rest of us should blindly follow suit.

Remember ladies, nothing beats a kickass personality and rock solid confidence. Nothing.

Meantime, here are five beauty trends we'd like to see Lebanese women end.

1. Tattooed Eyebrows

Actress Nadine Al Rassi (Photo via

You know you've hit rock bottom when you, your mom and your neighbor all have the exact same surprised expression on your faces. Please stop this madness.

2. Fake Tans

Singer Maya Diab (Photo via

Its not summer anymore and you still look like you've been hit in the face by a burning meteor. If you're using the UV ray light bulbs, then you're just giving yourself cancer. If you're using the spray-on stuff, then you probably look like an orange. We're from the Mediterranean, ladies. Women the world over would die to have your olive-toned complexion (and it's why most Western women go tanning in the first place -- to look like you!)

3. Hair Extensions

Singer Nourhane (Photo via

Excessive use of hair extensions will end up looking like a rat's nest and also, it quickens hair loss. Why would you do that to yourself? I know the water here is bad - we all know this (thanks, thanks, thanks dawle), but why don't you use that as a good excuse to let the natural oils in your head work their magic and give you soft, gorgeous hair?

4. Lip Fillers

Singer Elissa (Photo via

Also known as fish-lips, they're everywhere. The young, the old and the hopeless. I don't care if I have thin lips, I can still smile without looking like the joker. Amen to nature.

5. Botox

Singer Roula Saad (Photo via

This is the mother of all recent cosmetic trends and its creating a new species that will soon look nothing like the rest of us humans. For a lot of Lebanese ladies, you can never get enough botox; it's there, it's affordable and its injected so much your face looks like a balloon (with fish lips).

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