For some people, superstitions are like life's way of telling you something bad is about to happen. As far as I'm concerned, if you are one of those people who actually believes in superstitions, then you're just a paranoid individual with an aversion to facts and knowledge. Do you believe any of these five common Lebanese superstitions?

1.Itching and Scratching

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Depending on where you scratch and with what, it all means something different.

Scratching with your right hand means you're either getting paid, or you're going to shake hands with someone. Using your left hand means you're going to spend money. Scratching your nose means you're going to hear bad news, and you'll basically be angry at something. Scratching your eyebrows means you're going to meet someone or have visitors over. When a pregnant woman scratches anywhere while craving something, a birthmark of the thing she craved will appear on her newborn's body.

2. When Two People Say the Same Word at the Same Time

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Whoever spoke first will live longest.

3. A Baby Crawling

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This means you'll be receiving visitors pretty soon.

4. Crossed Shoes

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If you take your shoes off and they end up somehow crossed one on top of the other, this means you're going out again.

5. A Purse on the Floor

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Putting your purse on the floor means you'll end up broke soon.

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