In 1992, graduates of the Lebanese University medical school founded a group to address the many challenges posed by the socio-economic situation caused by 15 years of civil war across Lebanon.

In 1993, Auxilia was formally registered as a non-profit charitable organization.


1. Maintain family unity after the loss of the bread-winning parent and thus avoid having children placed in orphanages.

2. Train and educate mothers and help them find employment.

3. Launch humanitarian programs that provide monthly support to unprivileged children and their families.

4. Strengthen and support Auxilia’s presence in villages through medical awareness campaigns and food aid programs.

5. Provide children with a proper education, enabling them to set and achieve goals and succeed in.

Auxilia relies on the deep involvement of generous donors, sponsors and volunteers to help children and their struggling families sustain themselves through community-based initiatives, and thus regain a sense of autonomy, as well as their dignity and hope, and successfully reintegrate society.


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    El Gemayel Street, Abu Atmeh Bldg,1st floor Furn El Chebbak Tel.: +9611290407
    Tel.: +9611290410


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