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In addition to a couple of journalism degrees, she has some experience working in radio, TV, and print. Now a video producer by trade, she plans on getting back behind the camera soon. Her ambition: tell untold stories.

Linda also loves to write, and she tries to see the world with an optimist's eye and a skeptic's squint. She has a knack for playing devil's advocate, NEVER takes herself (or anything) too seriously, and tends to overindulge in capital letters for dramatic effect.

Her interests include slasher movies (the gorier the better), absurd humor and news, and an odd fascination for typewriters. She sometimes likes to go on road trips with her golden retriever and trusted sidekick Bobby (on the left of the picture).

She's also much, much cooler online.

Find her on Twitter: @lindaabiassi.

Linda Abi Assi

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