There’s something about vintage wear that’s so alluring – whether it’s the fedoras, small neckties, high-waist jeans, turbans, flamboyant blazers or big sunglasses. And if there's one thing you can be grateful for when it comes to living in Lebanon, it's that we have more vintage clothing floating around in our friends, neighbors and parents' closets than we know what to do with.

And puh-leese people, you know I'm not about to throw down big bucks on inflated price tags for clothing that's been worn before.

So, imagine how surprised I was to stumble into a vintage haven, in the quaint and mildly quiet streets of Mar Mikhael, with price tags that start from 5,000 LL. Yes, folks, in this place it’s Black Friday – every day.

I present to you Depot Vente – a sanctuary of wonderful gems that belong to the dusty albums of black and white Polaroid pictures. In other words, Sandy from Grease, we’re coming for you!

Check out some of my top five favorite finds on a recent trip to the vintage paradise:

1. Cowboy boots

At one point or another, we've all dreamed about starring in a movie where we play the badass cowboy who walks into the town square, boots clinking, ready to draw them big guns.
Price: 20,000 LL

2. Miranda Earrings

Accessories come in all shapes, sizes and beverage brands.
Price: 5,000 LL

3. Vintage Swimwear

If you thought, for a second, that Lana Del Ray’s body was as hot as it looked in this shot from Blue Jeans, you’re sorely mistaken.

(Okay, it probably is as hot as it looks, but just go with the flow.) Vintage swimwear gives the perfect shape and there’s something just so un-provocatively provocative about it. Ya feel me?
Price: 20,000 LL

4. High-Waist Printed Skirt

This skirt is priceless. Well, almost.
Price: 20,000 LL

5. Over-sized sunglasses

These sunglasses are the perfect buy – they fit perfectly into the whole hair-flying, raouche-driving, nawar-flirting-with-you kinda scene.
And get this – not only are they vintage, but most of them are designer.

Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses (left): $75
Lafont sunglasses (middle): $75
Rim-shaped sunglasses (right): $20

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