Let’s face it: Beirut has a lot of Frenchies, or, to be safe, pseudo-Lebanese-Frenchies that were in a French school during their teenage years and traveled once, or twice, to Paris for their senior trip or family vacation.

Now, although there’s a lot to love about them, here are our five favorite things:

1. Their looks

(Photo via Instagram)

Baggy, Hollister pants? Check.
Designer bags and shoes? Check.
Nose jobs? Check.

So, if they haven’t been picking up their phones for a while, don’t worry – they’re just fixing up a bump or two.

2. Their Family Relationships

(Photo via The Brandywine Blog)

The girl is papi’s banoot and the boy is mami’s baby boy – and, or so it seems, they are ALWAYS talking with each other on the phone.

“Mamiiii, did you tell papiiii to get me my new car?”
Mama? Baba? Where art thou?!

3. Their Taste in Food

(Photo via travel.nationalgeographic.com)

Poutine. Poutine. Poutine.
I mean, we do all love poutine, but it seems to me that for our Frenchies there is no other meal to eat but poutine.

Oh, and they chew gum.
A lot.

4. Their Location

(Photo via jadaliyya.com)

They all live in “Gh”abieh orr Ach”gh”afiyeh.

5. Their Brains

(Photo via eonline.com)

Alright, here, we got to hand it to them – they’re pretty smart.

Every student knows that having a Frenchie in their math class simply means two things: First, they will annoy you to death with questions that are, for some reason, always in French (although the teacher doesn't really speak French). Secondly, your teacher will think you’re all as smart as your fellow Frenchie sitting in the front desk, and change your exam questions as a consequence.

Thanks, but no thanks.

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lol! who wrote this???

Jessica Dazzle on Jan 8, 2014 via web