If you're Lebanese, you've probably used at least one of these excuses within the past week. Whether you're skipping a meeting, avoiding some annoying friends, escaping family get togethers or just because you overslept, here's our list of the five most common Lebanese excuses get yourself out of an unwanted situation.

Guilty as charged, (for me, it's mostly number four).

1. I'm Stuck in Traffic

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Probably true most of the time, but let's be real: you could have left earlier to make up for time lost in standstill traffic. Avoid mentioning exactly where you are, Lebanon is a small country and people who know people will always tell them if they saw you shopping or doing something completely unrelated at that time instead.

2. I'm Going to the Mountains

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Because everyone comes from somewhere and this somewhere is always the mountains. It's like the weekly escape for Lebanese and it's always safe to say you need some fresh air at Teita's place this week.

3. Some Visitors Just Stopped by the House

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If someone randomly shows up at your door for a visit, you have no choice but to reschedule or turn down whatever previous plans you might have had. Family comes first, dammit.

4. It's Family Day

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You'll be excused because everyone knows that family day is inescapable. Be it lunch, dinner or just the fact that they haven't seen you for a while (three days) and you're constantly lectured about how you should spend more time with them.

5. My Grandmother Died

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You have more than two grandmas - we all do - because those days when we missed school and needed an excuse to tops all others AND get sympathy in return, always involve death. That was it. Grandma died... and the year after that and the year after that...

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