1. Lebanese Army Member Kills Israeli Soldier on Border

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On Sunday December 15, an Israeli soldier identified as Shlomi Chohen, was killed by Lebanese Army fire in Ras Naqoura. In a statement, the military said the incident "was a result of an individual act by one of the soldiers and the military committee is investigating the issue.”

2. Officer and Four Gunmen Killed in Suicide Attack in Saida

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According to the Daily Star, Lebanese Army first sergeant Samer Rizk and four gunmen were killed on Sunday in attacks on two army checkpoints in Saida.

The first attack took place at the Al-Awwali checkpoint when a gunmen threw a hand grenade at the soldiers after being asked to pull over. The soldiers gunned down the man in response.

The second attack happened a short time later at another checkpoint in Saida along the main road of the village of Majdalyoun where a gunman in a GMC Envoy stepped out of the vehicle and detonated a hand grenade. Army members responded, killing the remaining gunmen inside the vehicle.

3. IKEA Refugee Shelters Approved, But Not Before Summer

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After more than six months of intense lobbying, the Lebanese government finally agreed to proceed with IKEA's pre-fabricated shelters as durable alternatives to the current tents that many Syrian refugees in the north of Lebanon are currently living in. According to LBCI news, these tents won't be installed before the summer because trials will start first in Iraq and Ethiopia before coming to Lebanon.

4. Caretaker Minister Aridi Resigns

(Photo via the Daily Star)

On Monday, Caretaker Public Works and Transportation Minister Ghazi Al-Aridi submitted his resignation during a press conference to clear up conflicting reports about heavy rains on December 4 that flooded the airport road tunnel and Lebanese University campus.

Last week, Aridi blamed Safadi for the floods saying that Safadi refused to ok the transport ministry’s funds in a ploy to pressure Aridi to approve construction on a Safadi real estate development site.

5. Roumieh's Privileged Prisoners Exposed

(Photo via trella.org)

A report on MTV news Monday highlighted the luxurious living situation of one prisoner inside Roumieh, identified only as N.R.

The man's Facebook page was filled with photos of him smoking Cuban cigars, eating sushi and sizzling grills as well as many other delivery meals that he shares with his prison companions.

Internet and cell phone access were also highlighted during the report, which showed N.R. checking in to Roumieh's prison on Facebook.

6. Two Syrian Kids Die In House Ceiling Collapse Accident

(Photo via lbcgroup.tv)

According to LBC news, six-year-old Jackline Mahmoud and three-year-old Lava Mahmoud were found dead when part of the ceiling of their house collapsed.

The Syrian family was living in an old two-story building in Zahle.

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