The Lebanese rock band, Meen, has famously paid tribute in their song "Wa'afe Ma' Al E'len" to a lot of the jingles we watched on television and eventually knew by heart while growing up in Lebanon. But they still missed a few of our favorites. Here's some popular commercial jingles from the 1990's that we still can't get out of our heads.

1. "Kassatly Chtaura" Liquor

It's French, it was pretty creative for its time, and it talks about liquor. What's not to love?

2. "Al Wadi Al Akhdar" Canned Food

At some point you start to think, "why didn't they consider making this an actual song?" It might have spared me the awkward looks I received for repeating it all day long.

3. "La Vache Qui Rit" Cheese

It's the music here that gets stuck in your head, not the lyrics. I bet you're just babbling random words on the melody... anything that rhymes with "ree" (from la vache qui rit ).

4. "Samnet al Bakara al Haloub" Butter

I couldn't find a video of this jingle but I'm keeping it because I'm sure you all know how it goes: "Miyyi bil miyyi samni na'iyyi samnit al ba'ra al haloub/Lil akel lil hilwayat lil tabekh lil ma'ali samnit l ba'ra l haloub"

When I was young, my friends and I actually used to make fun of one another, calling each other cows (ba'ra) and chanting that jingle.

5. "Rayovac" Batteries

Rayovac batteries sucked, but no one can beat this jingle.

6. Nido Milk

The epic and most well-known commercial for all of us growing up in Lebanon is undoubtedly Nido's: "Maa Nido kibrou al wlad al zghar, tghazzou w sarou kbar" (The kids grew up with Nido, they became healthy grown-ups.)

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