In the spirit of solidarity and togetherness, we’ve scoured the streets to ask people this one question: what gift do you wish for Lebanon in 2014.

We chose Hamra as our starting point, and decided to ask, in particular, elderly men to answer this question because let’s face it – there is nothing on earth cuter than jiddos.

3’Ammo Ousamma: Khadarji: Vegetable Shop Owner

“Peace. Does the Lebanese nation need anything else?”

3’Ammo Abu Brahim: Stationary Store Owner

“Some would say peace, but, for me, it is about God blessing the freezing children and helping them return to their homes. May God bless all people."

3’Ammo Mohammed: Patisserie Owner

“Patriotism: the love of the Lebanese for one another.”

3’Ammo Brahim: Butcher

“I would give them the gift of understanding – they should understand what it is this society wants, and come together to work on it. The Lebanese people are divided, and far away from one another; with a gift of understanding, this would change.”

3’Ammo Louai

“The gift of security – it is all we need; we are in a constant state of insecurity, always worried and always scared.”

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