1. Al Manar Reporter Dies After Dahiyeh Blast

(Photo via Al Manar)

Abbas Karnib, 52, died on January 6 after suffering injuries in the January 2 Dahiyeh car bombing. He had worked at Al Manar TV since 1992.

He leaves behind a wife and four children.

2. Death Penalty for 14 People Involved in Hezbollah Ambush

(Photo via the Daily Star)

On January 8, military judge Imad Al Zein requested the death penalty for 14 suspects accused of terrorist attacks, including last year's July ambush of a Hezbollah convoy on the highway linking the Bekaa Valley to Syria. One member of Hezbollah was killed and three others wounded in the incident.

3. Lebanese Man Arrested for Kidnapping Teenage Girl in Saida

(Photo via vtourist.com)

Mohammad al-Sous was arrested after kidnapping a 14-year-old Syrian refugee in Saida for the purpose of marriage.

4. Lebanese Brothers Sentenced to Death

(Israeli girls write messages on shells ready to be fired toward Lebanon on July 17 2006. Photo via Wordpress)

According to the Daily Star newspaper, brothers Joseph and Natan Alyaho Kalash were sentenced to death by a judge for "collaborating with the Israeli enemy; providing it with coordinates for the Lebanese Army and Hezbollah during the 2006 war on Lebanon."

5. Boy, 4, Raped in Marjayoun

(Photo via klayaa.marjeyoun.net)

According to An-Nahar newspaper, a Syrian worker was arrested in the southern town of Marjayoun for sexually assaulting M. Ch, a four-year-old Syrian refugee, earlier this week.

Caretaker Social Affairs Minister Wael Abu Faour and caretaker Health Minister Ali Hassan Khalil are following up on the matter with a series of medical tests that they're providing the child with, especially after reports claimed that rapist was diagnosed with AIDS.

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