Most people will tell you that the best part of living in Lebanon is the partying and, luckily enough, we tend to make a party out of pretty much every occasion. Now, although most teenagers would shudder at the thought of the table-and-dabke-type parties, let’s face it: they're awesome.

And whether it’s New Year's Eve at home or your cousin’s wedding with the whole family, the scene is all too familiar: your uncle gets drunk and starts dancing with a glass of ‘arak on his head, your aunt gets jealous when the overweight belly dancer shakes her boobs all over him, your mother wistfully smiles at it all shaking her head, and your little brother is sound asleep on a chair despite all the loud drums and music.

What’s even more familiar than this scene is the ear popping music played at every single occasion possible and I don’t know about you all, but it is the best music ever (sorry, Pink Floyd fans).

Here are five of the most popular songs you will hear at Lebanese gatherings:

1. 3’Ala Babi Wa’if Amaren – Melhem Barakat'

Anyone who's Lebanese knows this song – it’s the song that our parents fell in love to at some point. And the best part of this song is the, allow me to say, never ending - “awawa.. awawa.. awawa wa wa wa”. Although this "awawa" thing doesn’t make too much sense, it sounds pretty good, no?

2. Ya Seif 3al ‘A3da Tayer

This is where our macho men put on their ‘staches and swords and make it to the dance floor.

3. Ni7na W’il Amar Jeeran

And basically everything else for Fairouz.

4. 3andak Bahriya Ya Rayis

And we all shout, after the late Wadih Al Safi, “Ya rayis!”

5. Dal3ona

And last but not least on this list, Dal3ona, our favorite dabke song. Perfect for grabbing hands with complete (and might I add sweaty) strangers and becoming best friends over dancing.


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