Whether you’re in a dentist’s waiting room looking for a way to pass the time, or just sitting around at home with nothing to do, a fun video game can come in handy every once in a while. Luckily, there are thousands of games out there published by developers from across the globe: including Lebanon.

Here are five Lebanese-made mobile and online games to get you hooked.

1. Escape from Paradise by Game Cooks

This newly released game sees you taking control of Devi, a small red bouncing creature who unwittingly consumes a mushroom which transports him into a strange and dangerous realm. Now it’s up to you to guide Devi on his journey home, navigating fun but challenging levels that will test both your wit and patience. The game is available for iPhone and Android, and you can play through the first of five worlds on Facebook.

2. Survival Race by Wixel Studios

In the distant future, the impending threat of global warming leaves us no choice but to genetically modify plants. The results are not as expected, and soon enough the world is overrun by the mutant plants. Now the fate of humanity lies in the hands of Salem and Abu Ahmad, who must drive across the plant-ravaged Arab world in a souped-up vehicle, exterminating the deadly plants. Maneuver through dangerous levels, unlock new vehicles and weapons, and save the world. The game is available for iPhone and Android.

3. Birdy Nam Nam by Wryb Tech

Another case of science gone wrong! A team of scientists devised an experimental drug that would make chicken’s man’s best friend. However, something went wrong and the chickens transformed into ruthless killers. They fled the laboratory and invaded the Arab world, dropping their deadly eggs all over the place. It’s up to you to travel from one country to another, and shoot these horrible hens out of the sky before it’s too late. The game is available for iPhone .

4. Straw Hat Legacy by Evileggplant Studios

You play as Yuki, daughter of the honorable Lord Kubo, of the Kishimoto Empire. After being dethroned by the invading Lord Nobunaga, Lord Kubo entrusted his most loyal samurai, Takashi, to take care of his beloved daughter Yuki. Escaping through a series of underground tunnels, the samurai rescued young Yuki and adopted her as his own. After turning 16, we find Yuki being trained by Takashi in the art of swift and precise movement and dodging skills. As Yuki, the ever-running straw hat-wearing ninja girl, you must evade obstacles for as long as possible to prove yourself to fulfill your destiny. The game is available for iPhone.

5. Bad Year by Mercury

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Finally, we have a Lebanese game, by Lebanese, for Lebanese, all about the issues that make us… Lebanese! In this game, a bunch of those delightful and oh so civilized protesters attempt to block the roads with flaming tires, halting traffic. It’s up to you to keep the road clear and open by shooting fire extinguishers at the protesters and the burning tires they drop. This game is available on Facebook, along with other equally entertaining games on the Lebanon Games page.

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