The Credit Libanais Home Loan is a great option if you need to finance the purchase or renovation of your home.


Loan Period: 3 to 30 years
File Fees: No File Fees for homes valued at USD 120,000 or less for a period of 7 years at least
House Insurance: CLA life, fire and property insurance throughout the loan period
Special Benefits: Protects you against potential hazards like buying non-registered or forfeited real estate or paying more than the real property value, etc…


Applicant Age: Applicant must be under 64 years of age by the end of the loan period
Minimum Monthly Income: USD 750
Career Status: Proof of employment for at least 2 years or prove of being self-employed with sufficient, confirmed income
Maximum Monthly Payments: Monthly payments should not exceed one-third of salary/income
Home Loan Through CLIB at Credit Libanais

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