Lebanese comedian and actress Amalia Abi Saleh passed away today Friday at around 3:00 a.m. She was 68-years-old. In June of 2013, Abi Saleh sparked national controversy after she was rejected from receiving medical care because she was uninsured.

As a tribute to her life, we've picked out what we think are some of her funniest moments on the 1980's Lebanese series that made her a comic icon, "Al Mouallima Wal Oustaz." May she rest in peace and may the laughs she brought to our hearts bring her nothing but happiness in heaven.

At around minute 2:16 Amalia (the student) is asked by her teacher (Ibrahim Mar'achli) to mimic his gymnastic moves, thinking she would tire quickly because she's overweight. To his surprise (and ours), the funny actress goes on and on until she tires her "in-shape" teacher. A classic!

Start watching at around 4:37. Amalia is giving birth inside the school and it's up to the veterinarian to deliver her since he's the only available doctor. The look on her face when she sees that freaky doctor asking everyone to leave because he's the one who's gonna get that baby out is, in a word, priceless.

Start watching at around 4:30. This is just one line but I just love how she says "MADAME Amalia." I've done an impression of that scene enough times in my life to have cost me a couple suspensions from school. But it was totally worth it.

Starting at 2:05, Amalia sings with the class in what should be a normal activity, only thing is, she's crazy excited about it.

You can watch them sing the whole "Hal Seesan" song, or just skip to minute 2:54 and listen to the best laugh ever. You know, the one Haifa Wehbe and Rima Njeim keep trying to imitate, except this one makes Amalia look like a baby and not a... how shall we put it, "adult star."

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