Zaitunay Bay is nearly two years old, and it’s definitely growing. A small shop selling Belgian waffles opened its doors less than a month ago next to the recently renamed Cro (originally Cro Magnon) steakhouse.

Maison de la Gaufre sells a variety of gaufres, including plain, chocolate, and jam-filled. You can dazzle it up with fresh fruit, confectioner’s sugar, or hot liquid chocolate.

A convenience store by the name of C.Bliss finally sprouted amidst the row of restaurants. Selling everything you’d expect—drinks, snacks, magazines, and miscellany—this shop is an absolute treasure for passersby and joggers pacing the seaside boardwalk.

[Grid] originally made a name for itself as a hip, urban coffee shop at its flagship standalone café inside Beirut Souks, but the third outlet to pop up at Zaitunay Bay recently serves hot, savory dishes and a full-fledged salad bar in addition to the coffee shop’s lighter fare of baked goods and pastries. Grid belongs to the same hospitality group encompassing Café M, The Garden, and Relais Foch, all of which share a central kitchen in Beirut Souks.

Finally, be sure to stop by the small kiosk Bon A’p’tit selling bubble tea and sajj flatbread as you walk away from the restaurants in the direction of the Saint George Bay. A marked contrast to the glitz and glam that is Zaitunay Bay, the stand makes for a wonderful bite if you’re on the go or in search of a pocket-friendly meal.

What's New at Zaitunay Bay

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