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Six People Share the Story... Blog on Dec 17, 2014

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Remove A; Hindi Tattos the worst ever,.... they charge you double the price if they knew you are an outsider ... not all the team are professional. when we got home we discovered how discusting their work was like! they try to get as much as they can $$$$$ in one day ...that's it. they needed 3 hours to finish my tattoo whihc they have finished in 35 minutes....I will spend the next five years writing about my experience in order to prevent people from going there..WARNING>

Abu Aram on Aug 20, 2016 via web
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Honestly with all respect, this list is for the worse in lebanon, clearly the person who wrote this has no experience in tattoos, and no background in art what so ever. There is no list for tattoo artists.. each one has something specific they're good at. I thought this list was a joke

George Batruni on May 24, 2015 via mobile web
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you missed important and famous tattoo artists in Beirut I think you should say 10 places to have tattoo in Lebanon We can't forget about them just because you know only 5 ;) what about hindi tattoo He is the master of all what about mado tattoo studieo He is Creative clean and his ink will looks good for 10 years after what about thinkink / wael hussien ... what about what about what about ....

Wael Hussine on Jun 21, 2014 via web