“I have been always fascinated by the power of products and their impact on people's lives,” says George Sheety, a Lebanese product designer who has created HOYO, a convenient utility that may interest people from all walks of life; especially those who just can’t bear to be away from their smartphone while they shower.

HOYO (Spanish for “hole”) consists of a clear airtight waterproof pocket, in which a smartphone can be placed while you shower, enabling you to still use it and listen to your music, watch a video, pick up an urgent call and pretty much do anything that you currently cannot use your phone for in the shower. It comes in a variety of forms, such as a version that can be attached to a wall and sealed or one that can be fitted onto your current shower curtain, creating a built-in pocket.

There are already existing waterproof pockets for phones, which Sheety had tried but found having to slip his phone in and out constantly too much of a hassle. And so he took it upon himself to design a more convenient solution to this issue, and the result was HOYO. Sheety is currently looking to fund his creation through Kickstarter and hopes that its success will inspire other Lebanese visionaries to step forward and strive to accomplish great things.

To learn more about HOYO, make sure to visit the website and support the Kickstarter campaign to see it become a reality.


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