You probably won't build long-lasting friendships on Instagram, but that's not the point. When it comes to enjoying our tumultuous but nonetheless lovable city, here's who you should be following.

1. For all things fashion: @larmoiredelana

L’armoire de Lana is a fashion blog that has been translated into the Instagram version of the Lebanese fashion bible. To stay in the know on all the fashionable events and happenings in the city, as well as get styling advice, beauty tips, and explore Beirut through a stylists eye, follow now.

2. For your daily dose of humor: @virginradiolebanon

We all know Virgin Radio from our daily commute and the countless hours stuck in traffic, but these guys also have an Instagram account that never fails to provide some much needed laughs. They will flood your home feed with hilarious and extremely relatable posts that will have you screenshoting and sending away to your friends on whatsapp.

3. For appreciating your country: @livelovebeirut

We all know Lebanon is beautiful, and these guys have made it their mission to highlight it. What’s best is that they’re all your photos! Next time you encounter a beautiful sight, snap a picture and mention them to be featured.

4. For your social awareness: @lezemlebanon

“Lezem is a movement that aims to mobilize Lebanon’s youth into an active community. It does so by creating an appreciation for the country, as well as campaigning and raising awareness about social issues,” which are all beautifully compiled in their Instagram account.

5. For inspiration: @bananapook and @beirutcorners

The Lebanese art world is one of the most underrated aspects of our society. These two Instagram accounts aim to change that. Bannanapook is a blog that “intends to document a revolutionary movement in a country where plenty happens but little is remembered” and does so with their help of their illustrious Instagram account. Beirut corners on the other hands, highlights something we encounter daily yet many don’t even notice: stunning Lebanese street art.

6. For your health and fitness: @Healthycleanleanlife

There are very, very ,very few people on Instagram that don’t follow at least one body/health/fitness account. Let me introduce you @healthycleanleanlife, an instgram account that provides you with everything health related, from ab, arm, leg, back, cardio, and strength training workouts to healthy food recommendations and recipes, run by an AUB nutrition student.

7. For lusting over beautiful things: @Aishti World

Aishti, the high end super store, has a stunning Instagram of the most beautiful designer items you can dream of. From clothes to jewelry, bags, accessories, and even some furniture posts, these guys will have you dreaming of the time you will be able to afford them ALL.

8. For a unique perspective: @tfitzsimons

Tim Fitzsimons is a freelance print, photo, and radio journalist based in Beirut, Lebanon. His Instagram account chronicles his curious life in our vibrant city. Whether it be a beautiful sunset, a hot dog stand, party lights, or a questionable street sign, his post will always make you stop and double tap.

9. For a daily dose of humor: @LebaneseMemes

Since they launched their Facebook page back in 2012, the peeps behind Lebanese Memes have reigned supreme over all things comedy. And with a self-professed mission to Lebanese across the globe through humor (rather than politics or religion), it's really a fun cause we can all get behind.

10. For all things food: @TheLebaneseFoodies

Warm cupcakes, nutella-covered pizza, roast chicken, scrumptious salads, this Insta account is a total food lover's paradise. And the best part is: all the pics are from Lebanon, so it's an excellent way to discover new restaurants and delicious dishes just waiting to be massacred in your mouth. Follow this account, thank me later.

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