Not to be stereotypical or anything, but let’s face it, Lebanon’s nightlife scene is pretty cliquey. Where you choose to grab a drink has come to actually reveal quite a bit about the type of person you are, and the company you keep…


You probably wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy. I'm talking pedicure on your toes, trying on all your clothes – cause the party don’t start 'til you walk in. Downtown is for those who’ve got some extra cash and don’t mind listening to the likes of Ke$ha and Pitbull. You all enjoy dressing up and poppin bottles – expensive ones. Popular topics of conversation: THIS IS GOING ON INSTAGRAM!!!


You’re probably in your forties, hitting the town with a few of your couple friends for date night. It’s very cute. If you’re a woman, you’re probably wearing a revealing sparkly top and liquid leggings, and if you’re a guy, you’re being dragged around by your wife. You all go especially cray cray when the DJ slips in an Arabic song, such as ‘3abdel Kader,’ giving you the opportunity to twerk Arabic style. If you’re not in your forties you were in Mar Mikhael and got hungry.

Mar Mikhael

You ride a unicycle (or at least, wish you did), pretend to know every song the DJ at Radio Beirut is playing, wear a monocle, and spend the night telling tales of your weird adventures in Nepal and India, or an African country. Dress code is jeans and a T-shirt, anything else and you will be stared at. Simply put, you’re just too cool for the world. Honestly, I’m scared the hipsters will attack if I make fun of their holy city.


You go to AUB, or LAU, but mostly AUB, and go to Hamra pubs because they’re a two-minute walk from your dorm or apartment. "Oh my god I’m so over Hamra," is an all-too common phrase. Your nesting place is Bodo and you wouldn’t be caught dead in the Alleyway, unless you’re a freshman (or watching the undeniably entertaining freshmen). All you talk about is how much work you have to do, and how much you hate your life and respective college and major. YOU ARE BORED, and low on cash.


You’ve been to every pub in Beirut – twice, and you’re over it. You’ve set out on a search for more, and have headed into the much talked about land of Jbeil and Jounieh. Some stand there disappointed, staring into their phones, whereas others are giddy and over-excited, clearly impressed, but one thing’s for sure, you’re just glad you’re finally away from Beirut for the night.


You’re on vacation and looking to have a good time. Nothing will get you down because you could care less about anything other than having fun. You are very tipsy, chill, living the dream on the slopes or laying sprawled out on the beach at some resort. Good for you.

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