If you’re an aspiring actor, fashion model, or even a makeup artist, you probably have your eyes set on Hollywood, a city where dreams are made or shattered. That also happens to be the dream of one Lebanese gypsy girl by the name of Karimeh, who is an… actress? Singer? Model? Well I’m not so sure; she doesn’t exactly strike you as a glamorous gal and she’s a far cry from Mariah Carey. Nevertheless, Karimeh is persistent in pursuing her dream of going to “Holyoud”, and the new web series Halib El Nawar follows her journey to stardom.

The series, which debuted a week ago, bills itself as a musical comedy and is full of over-the-top antics, subtle humor and tongue-in-cheek social critique. I’m not a die-hard fan just yet, but I’m willing to see where this goes next. What do you think of Karimeh and her quest to reach “Holyoud”?

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