By far one of the most frustrating things about going out, in any city, is the threat of not being let into the club. WHY? WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN? What, are we just not good enough for you? I really, really, really, want in. Please? Pretty please?

1. Uberhaus/The Garten/Nacht/Whatever Comes Next

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Whenever you decide to head on over to any of the Uberhaus affiliates, always – and I mean always – have a back up plan. And if you’re under 21 – HA!

Try your luck this Saturday at Station Beirut, when Nacht presents: Betoko and Djebali.

2. Skybar

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Don’t even try. Unless you’re Haifa Wehbe. Or there’s a charity event, then you can buy your way in.

Mob.: +9613939191

3. BO18

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If you’re a guy that is not surrounded by a posse of girls you can forget about it. Don’t even think about it. Like, don’t let the thought even cross your mind.

Charles Helou Highway
Mob.: +9613810618

4. The O1ne

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These guys literally just opened up and are already notorious for their door policy. If they don’t like your hair, pants, top, make-up, shoes, bag, jewelry, face, body, skin, and nails, you will never see the inside of this place.

Beirut Waterfront
Tel.: +9611999044

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