Mixed in with the Arabic, English, French, and occasional Armenian, there is an unspoken language in this country that stigmatizes your every reply. We all say things when we mean something entirely different, and hopefully soon, the person you’re speaking with will realize that too!

1. Shou We2fet 3leye?
Oh shit, I got caught… Maybe I should imply that you also do what I just did and try and blame you – playing the victim always works. For good measure I’ll also imply that the government is the reason I just did what I did.

2. Badna Nrou2
I’m in a heated argument and I actually have no idea what I’m talking about so let me suggest that you are overreacting and need to cool down in hopes of distracting you from the real issue. That, or I’m just scared and want to keep my cool.

3. Inno Ye3ni Masheena
You think I don’t know that what I’m doing is not completely ethical?! I do, you do, and everyone else does too, but I’m going to keep doing it, and I could really do without your snarky remarks.

4. La wlo?
Stop talking. DO NOT MISTAKE THIS FOR AN INVITATION TO ELABORATE. You’d be a fool to think that I’m listening to your stupid story right now. I’ve zoned out, another planet buddy.

5. Eh 3ade 3ade
Really? REALLY? Did you really just ask me that question? What do you think? Of course not, but I don’t want to seem like a rude crazy person so I’m going to go ahead and pretend everything’s just great and give you a nice big smile.

What Lebanese Say vs. What They Really Mean

(Photo by @eddyspiridion on Instagram)



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