For a band with a lead singer that spent most of his childhood believing that UFOs are God (ironically, he originally hails from a Canadian town with the most reported UFO sightings in the world), and a bassist that shrivels at the mere mention of spit, Lazzy Lung seem to be doing pretty well. Having taken an almost three year break after their debut album - a risky move in an erratic city with the attention span of, well, a fish - their new album is at long last complete. However, the term ‘break’ is thoroughly debatable, seeing as though they spent it partaking in competitions - and winning. In addition to garnering the prestigious title of Esquire Middle East magazine’s "Band of the Year" in 2011, they also unanimously won Rolling Stones Middle East’s Battle of the Bands that same year.

Then there was their much-talked about tour of the Middle East, opening for American garage rock band The Black Lips, which took them across the region to Dubai, Cyprus, Egypt, and Iraq, among other places. “It had absolutely no effect on our music,” said lead vocalist Allan Chaaraoui, “It was like Project X [the movie], except I was the owner of the house,” he adds, fastidiously glaring at bassist Imad Jawad. “It was an intense, crazy experience, to say the least,” adds Jawad.

After teasing audiences with an EP which dropped in October of last year, their new album, Sailor's Delight, mastered by Grammy-award winning studio engineer Emily Lazar – who lists Lou Reed, The Foo Fighters, Bjork, and Sonic Youth among her many clients - and mixed by Karim Sinno, of Broken Records Production Studios, is set to be released this April. Lazzy will be performing these songs for the first time live at Metro Madina on March 13.

Those familiar with Lazzy Lung’s trademark sound will be in for a pleasant surprise with this new album. After a tumultuous creative process in which the band faced many challenges, from line-up changes to stolen gear and meticulous revision of each and every sound on the record (entire songs were scrapped in some cases), they came out with what they regard as a truly raw record. Self-described as less commercial and definitely edgier with punk influences, Sailor's Delight is an extensive deviation from the much more lax Strange Places album released in 2010.

Yet what strikes you the most about this band is the undeniable bond maintained between Chaaraoui and Jawad, the two original members. A friend passed by during the interview with and vehemently exclaimed, “You two [Chaaraoui and Jawad] have the best bromance!” a refreshing response given the reputation of the music industry on band dynamics. They spent the night recounting stories of their past escapades: Chaaraoui once avoiding a meeting by pretending he was high on Dexedrine, finding their gear - well, sort of - after it was stolen from the backseat of Allan's car in the winter of 2012. Turns out, some guy was trying to sell it online. Chaaroui contacted the guy, who continues to this day to promise he'll give it back, but to no avail. “He keeps telling us to give him until the end of the month,” cries Jawad in astonishment. There was also that time Chaaraoui made Jawad puke on Valentine's Day just by gargling spit in his mouth, or how Jawad couldn’t sleep for days when he found out former guitarist Anthony Sahyoun had been playing out of tune for an entire show while he blissfully strummed his bass away.

Their greatest influences, a question the duo were extremely reluctant to answer, are simply their “everyday lives, rather than a specific band or artist,” explains Chaaraoui, “Also kafta and my mom,” jokes Jawad. Day to day events are the main forces behind their lyrics and melody, and they admit that a lot of their songs begin as Whatsapp conversations. “I’ll just be sitting down and then I’ll get a tune in my head so I’ll send Allan a voice note and he’ll reply with a lyric,” explains Jawad.

The much-awaited album is sure to live up to all the hype. It's almost needless to say, a city like Beirut could certainly stand to learn a lot by following Lazzy Lung's infectious lyrics, "Settle it out on the dance floor."

Sailor's Delight is available for download on iTunes and on Google Play. You can also check out more from the band on Soundcloud and Facebook.

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