Is a little hot water, some peace and quiet, and a reasonable amount of traffic really asking too much? It’s not like we’re demanding faster internet – God forbid we go there. Here are eight simple pleasures only someone in (or from) Lebanon can understand.

1. Finishing your delivery order in under one minute

The happiness, the sweet, sweet glory when you finish an entire order in 0:59 seconds SUCCESS!!!!!

2. When you have the washing machine, vacuum, dishwasher, hair dryer, straightener, and T.V. on and the ‘se3a’ doesn’t ‘tik’

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It’s like a test: how much can it take. You plug one thing in, then the other, then the other – most of the time, you know you’ll have to make that trip down to the ‘natoor’ so that he can fix it, but then, there comes those few, few magical times where you can overload it and get away with it.

3. Construction workers take an unexpected day off

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For anyone living in Beirut, waking up to the sound of construction has become more than a habit – it’s engrained in your very being, a way of life. We only get Sundays to sleep in. But sometimes – however rare – the workers will just not show up. Gone. Pouf. Disappeared. It’s heaven.

4. You arrive home right before the electricity cuts

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For those of you that live in apartments, especially in the higher up floors, nothing is more rewarding than arriving home just in time to catch the last elevator ride up before the power cuts. That trek up the stairs to the 14th floor is dreadful, just horrific.

5. Manoushe

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Costs 1,000 LL. Keeps you full for hours. It is a lifesaver, really.

6. Compliemtary Bzourat

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Yo those nuts cost like 7,000 L.L, and they’re nice with your arguileh. So when they’re complimentary it’s just a really a win-win situation.

7. Open roads, no traffic

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OK so maybe this doesn’t exist. I’m looking at you, Hamra.

8. Hot water in the morning

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A friend once told me that the first thought that crosses his mind when he wakes up is if there’s hot water. Not leaving the house without a shower. Nope, I’d rather use all my sick days than leave without taking a nice, warm shower. Also, what’s up with the water pressure?

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