You're busy, we get it. No sweat. Here's some of the most important news stories you might have missed from the past week.

1. After 10-Month Deadlock, Lebanon Forms New Government

Tammam Salam, the new Lebanese Prime Minister. (Photo credit: Mohamed Azakir/Reuters via

This actually happened last Saturday, February 15, but if you were on a long weekend vacation like we were, then you might not have noticed this until Monday.

After a 10-month political deadlock, the longest in the country's history, Lebanon formed a new government under Prime Minister Tammam Salam.

The 24-member "national interest" Cabinet is equally divided between the March 8 and March 14 coalitions and centrists, and includes only one female member among its ranks.

The Lebanese Forces, which had called for a neutral government, refused to join the Cabinet to protest Hezbollah’s participation. A caretaker government had run the country since former Prime Minister Najib Mikati resigned in March 2013.

2. Woman Allegedly Poisoned to Death by Husband

A screen grab from LBC TV shows Christelle Abu Shakra, a 30-year-old woman who died last Saturday after being poisoned. (Photo via

Christelle Abu Shaqra, 30, died after being poisoned with a toxic substance normally used as a pesticide, according to news reports.

Her husband, Roy Hayek, was questioned by police for allegedly poisoning her.

Abu Shaqra's mother told Naharnet her daughter "stunk of poison." She filed a lawsuit against Hayek immediately after her daughter died.

3. Twin Bombings in Bir Hassan

A photo taken on Wednesday, February 19 shows the damage incurred after twin car bombings were set off in the Bir Hassan neighborhood. (Image Tweeted by @Iran)

At least 11 people were killed when twin blasts went off in the neighborhood of Bir Hassan on Wednesday near the Iranian Culture Center.

According to news reports, the blasts took place just 15 minutes and 50 meters apart.

The Al-Qaeda-linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades claimed responsibility for the bombings. The group also claimed responsibility for the November 19 bombings near the Iranian embassy, located in the same area.

4. Arab Democratic Party Official Assassinated in Tripoli

A Lebanese soldier stands next to the car of assassinated Arab Democratic Party official Abdel Rahman Diad in Tripoli on Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014. (Photo via

An official with the Arab Democratic Party, Abdel-Rahman Diab, was shot dead in Tripoli on Thursday morning.

According to news reports, he was gunned down by masked gunmen who were riding a small motorcycle as he drove in his Chevy along the coastal Mina highway at dawn.

The killing triggered violence in Tripoli, leaving two people dead and five others wounded.

5. Report Claims Aoun Highly Likely to Become President

An undated file photo shows FPM leader Michel Aoun speaking at a press conference. (Photo via

Al-Akhbar newspaper on Friday says an unnamed source believes Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun "is highly likely to reach the presidency." This, according to the source, follows a rapprochement between the FPM leader, Washington and Saudi Arabia.

Current President Michel Suleiman's term ends in May. According to the constitution, parliamentary sessions to elect a new head of state should begin on March 25.

6. Suicide bomber Kills Three in Hermel

A Lebanese army soldier inspects the damage at the site of a car bomb that exploded Saturday in Hermel. (Photo credit: AP/The Daily Star)

A suicide car bombing targeting a Lebanese Army checkpoint in the northeastern town of Hermel killed three people, including two soldiers, and wounded 17 others on Saturday, a security source told The Daily Star.

The Lebanon branch of the Nusra Front, a radical Syrian rebel force, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was part of a “series of vengeful attacks.”

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