This list was carefully crafted from an ocean of thoughts, written with the help of a prolific typing hand and an elegant Mac, and catered to relieve you of your boredom. *cue classical music with Barney Stinson sitting behind a desk in his best suit*


My point is, advertising is no easy task. Trying to convey an interesting idea/message about a brand in a short period of time is a hit-or-miss type of thing. But chapeau bas to Lebanon, because in the past couple of years, there have been some pretty great ads that sprouted from our otherwise not-so-great media industry. In fact, it was difficult to pick the best. Ranging from the achingly sad to the heartwarming, and the too-lame-it-almost-didn’t-work-but-thankfully-it-did ads, here are our favorites. Enjoy!

1. Bank Tellers – Gandour Tarboush

This will put an instantaneous smile on your face.

2. Little Leaders – An-Nahar Newspaper

Original or not, An-Nahar newspaper did a powerful and creative ad for their 80th anniversary this past year. The video portrays various Lebanese politicians during their childhood and notes that An-Nahar has been writing history from the very start.

3. Spring Account – Bank Audi

In 50 seconds, this commercial has the power to show you how you’ve been doing it all wrong. It was [perfectly executed and sends out a moving message that makes you want to go biking in the mountains right after you watch it.

4. “Fta7oule Reji3” - Almaza

I, for one, am sick of the whole “yi, come to Lebnen – we can ski and swim in ze same day” type of ad, but this one minute clip does offer a poignant representation of our little country.

5. Peace of Mind – Blom Commercial

Vivid imagery and a concrete idea – Lebanon, we love you <3.

6. The Quest – Warde

Give me some clothes!

7. LBC Idents

In a country ruled by yellow,orange and blue, it's easy to overlook the true beauty of color.

8. “Khalleh el Jaw Wel3an” – Buzz

Of course, Buzz can’t go a year without one or more of their hilarious ads going viral.
This one is our favorite from their most recent because now, every time the light goes off (dijantereh ta2!) we have something to sing.

(But a side note: I am super glad the whole “mashewe w l shabeb” phase is over.)

9. Stray Bullet – Cheyef 7alak

In a humorous way, this campaign evokes a powerful message depicting how desensitized the Lebanese have become toward weapons.

10. The Restaurant – Fransabank & MasterCard


11. Daring Mother Day’s Message – Kunhadi

Although the 2011 Mother’s Day’s ad was much more powerful, this ad has proven to be hauntingly influential just as well.

12. “A New World” – Touch

Although this ad came out towards the end of 2012, we couldn’t help but include it in our list! Imagine our entire country, from the shawerma guy to the bourgeoisie jagals, squeezed into one house beneath a catchy, cool soundtrack. It's just a fantastic ad.


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