The Core Team of Karaz w Laimoon consists of a three tiered team. The core members are directly involved in managing the process. They are Titti Ghazzaoui, Zahira Makawi, Michele Tadros, Abraham Srour and Akram Najjar. These are supported by satellites members who are like the moon, always there but not always visible.

They also consider their members as part of their team. Members have been very helpful in the past: inviting new members, introducing them to new speakers and helping with new ideas and suggestions. Their database consists of 400 participants.

Subjects: The subjects are chosen after they choose their speakers. These are passionate people who love their subject. They can usually talk about it for hours and with love. However, They try to select subject in the following domains:

- Culture: music, theater, painting, sculpture, cinema, literature, dance, poetry.

-Social Awareness: these subjects are not restricted. They have the common aim of opening everybody's eyes to serious issues in Lebanon.

Leisure: wine, olive oil, puzzles, etc.

Karaz w Laimoon

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