A modern remake of the classic romantic comedy, “About Last Night,” now showing at cinemas across Lebanon, closely follows new love for two couples. Kevin Hart and Regina Hall are comical as Bernie and Joan, who hook up in a bar and have scandalous sexual chemistry but shun falling in love. Joan’s roommate/best friend, Debbie (Joy Bryant), and Bernie’s colleague/best friend, Danny (Michael Ealy), are more discreet people who meet through their buddies and slowly fall for each other. The movie is a laugh-off-your-seat hilarious account of these two couples’ emotional ups and downs as they plunge into and out of love.

1.It's About What Men Say and What Women Think

The characters are extremely personable and true to real life. In the opening scene of the movie, Bernie and Danny are sitting inside LA’s Broadway Club, discussing in graphic, hilarious detail Bernie’s latest hook-up. Intercut with their conversation is the female take on the same exact event, with Joan confiding in Debby. Bernie and Joan finish each other’s sentences, thanks to the film's clever editing. Both complain about Bernie’s “whisky d—k” and both praise Joan for her ability to remedy it.

2. Let's Be Serious: Genital Humor is Funny

The script will have you laughing nonstop and uncontrollably. Exploiting its R-rating, the film’s best material is the profanity-laden dialogue between Hart and Ealy and Hall and Bryant as they discuss their respective relationships in graphic detail. Not only are the actors cast together beautifully, each one is hysterically funny and conversationally adept, and movie-goers will feel as if they’re chatting up their best friends. Not to mention, the girls and guys in this movie make for some pretty proverbial eye candy. Ealy has amazing blue eyes against a darker complexion; Bryant was a former fashion model for Victoria’s Secret; Hall’s got a charming smile; and Hart is endearingly dwarf (157 cm) next to his taller peers. You won’t be able to tear yourself from these actors even for a second!

3. 2 Pac Would Be Jealous of this California Love

Debby and Danny are navigating some relationship turbulence. Debby goes away for a business trip, where her boss tries to woo her, but she firmly shuts him out. Meanwhile back home, Danny’s ex, Angela, who has just returned from living abroad in Paris, shows up at the bar where he’s taken on a temporary gig as bartender. He gives her little attention and politely declines her flirtatious advances. She gets totally wasted, and while Danny wants to put her in a cab and send her home, he can’t extract an address out of her. Being the gentleman that he is, he takes her back to his apartment so that when she recovers, he can see her on her way. After she wakens, she tries to seduce him, but he resists and ushers her out. What a guy. What a guy!

4. It's Sexual Healing

This movie is definitely for adults only.We’re not just talking sexual innuendo. Joan and Bernie’s noisy and naughty adventures are not appropriate for young viewers.

Danny’s been downcast about a breakup with former flame Angela, Bernie asks Joan to bring Debby on a double date. Danny and Debby are quiet people and exchange polite hellos as Bernie and Joan proceed to get plastered on alcohol and then make off to the bathroom for some sexual diversion. Danny complains to Debby that this is the worst date he’s ever been on, and it’s not even his date! The two walk out of the bar, intending to part ways, but all of a sudden Debby runs into her ex-boyfriend, and to spur his jealousy, she grabs Danny’s hands and introduces him as her beau. Danny is rather tickled by this, but claims that as her “fake boyfriend” he would do things differently and proceeds to caress her face and take her arm in his. This leads to a sexy exchange that sees its consummation in Danny’s bed.

5. We've All Had Dating Disasters Like These

The movie and its motifs are surprisingly authentic.There’s a good chance that anyone reading the film’s plotline could predict the outcomes of both of the film’s key relationships, but the movie and its romances never come off as fake or forced. It may be the movie you expect it to be, but it will still positively please you.

To find out about show times, click here. And to see what's playing in theaters across Lebanon, check out the Beirut Guide to Movies.

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