Nothing is more admirable than a dedicated group of people putting their hearts out there for the good of a country that constantly seems to fail us. We have compiled a list of dedicated NGOs that are unfailingly growing and ready to help those in need.

And it doesn’t stop with their help; it starts there. It's time for you to get serious about supporting some of these important organizations, either through donations, volunteering or simply spreading the word.


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In a country where it's still considered legal for a husband to rape his wife, we need a powerful NGO like KAFA to step up in support of women's rights. The organization, (Enough) Violence Against Women, works to stop all forms of violence – particularly that of violence against women, child sexual abuse and any form of human trafficking. Since its establishment in 2005, KAFA has worked to raise awareness through campaigns and training, and through support to all those who have been victims of violence.

Only a few months back, KAFA launched a powerful campaign that was aimed at rebuilding trust between victimized women and the ISF. This weekend, KAFA has organized a protest on International's Women's Day on Saturday, March 8, to continue to pressure the Lebanese government to pass a law to protect women from domestic violence. Join them.

Tel.: +9611392220

2. Helem

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Our country is infested with social stigmas in almost every corner and despite a court ruling in January that was just released to the public this week that found being gay is not a crime or against nature, the country still has a long way to go when it comes to equal rights. This is where Helem comes into the picture. It is one of the few organizations in the Middle East that seeks to help any form of social, cultural or legal struggle faced by the LGBT community, and in fact, any form of discrimination whatsoever.

In addition to raising awareness and initiating workshops and activities, Helem has adopted several health initiatives such as anonymous HIV and STD testing. Additionally, there is a helpline (71-419877) that operates 24/7 to help those in need.

Tel.: + 9611745092
Mob.: +96171419877

3. Animals Lebanon

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It’s great to see an organization dedicated solely to the well-being of animals in Lebanon (god knows they need it) through education, campaigns and rescue missions. Since its launch in 2008, Animals Lebanon has worked hard to ensure that animals are treated with the care they deserve. Its adoption center has found homes for hundreds of animals in Lebanon and it has also helped close down abusive zoos, drafted laws to protect animals and held various fundraising events to promote the safety and security of animals.

Tel.: +9611751678

4. Kunhadi

Combine a heart-wrenching story with a dedicated family and a powerful cause, and you get one of the most devoted NGOs in Lebanon. After 18-year-old Hady passed away in 2006, his friends and family came together to form Kunhadi, an NGO committed to changing the (terrible) driving culture in Lebanon. Among other things, Kunhadi has helped install road signs and collaborated with various nightspots to ensure a taxi ride back home for drinkers. Hady’s parents have also made it their mission to visit schools and universities in Lebanon, and to promote youth awareness about the dangers of driving.

Tel.: +96171264415
Tel.: +9615450516

5. Lebanese for Refugees

The most recent numbers put the number of refugees in Lebanon at the nearly 1 million mark. Refugee families living in Lebanon are in dire need of support. Lebanese for Refugees is a civil campaign that has sprouted in an effort to support these people by supplying them with medicine, fuel, clothing and other essential supplies. Over the past couple of months, this NGO has improved the living conditions of many families in Arsal and is open to all forms of help, from volunteering to financial donations.

Tel.: +961 4 546077

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