Regar is a kitchen of ideas and creative impulses in the service of bicycles and cyclists.

The crew is a group of enthusiasts from different disciplines brought together by their passion for eco-friendly, two wheeled structures. Regar takes up 10 m2 of the Mansion in Zoqaq el Blat where they lovingly restore old, unloved bikes to their former glory. It is a melting pot of creative thinking when it comes to urban cycling in the Beiruti context.

If you have a bike that you haven't ridden for years, that's been rusting away in the cellar with no one to ride it, think about donating it to Regar - it will be lovingly restored and helped to find its new owner.

If you've been riding your bike every day for ages but never showed it any tender loving care, bring it to Regar and learn how to give it what it needs.

Regar (ريغار)

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    Mansion Villa, Zoqaq el Blat - Gourard Street Gemmayzeh Mob.: +96178813764


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Re-Cycling with Regar:... Hey, Scenesters! on Mar 3, 2014

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